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Legal documents for sale of a home, completed with the legal help of real estate lawyers at Der Nguyen, an Edmonton law office that offers reasonable legal fees to buy or sell a house, home property or condoDo you assume when you hire a law firm to handle the sale of your property that the lead person on the transaction will be a lawyer?  That's actually rare in most Edmonton law firms, where the lawyer is not the lead and is often not seen until documents need to be signed.

Then there is Der Nguyen.   At our firm, the lead person on any real estate transaction is one of the principals of the firm, Richard Der or Chau Nguyen, who collectively have 36 years experience handling real estate sales.

"There is no substitute for experience," says Mr. Der.   "It makes all the difference, especially in those situations when you need an exceptional eye for detail to catch the small details that a less involved lawyer might miss."

"You can't really understand a client's needs and expectations unless you are the lead person on that file, and that is what you get by choosing Der Nguyen," explains Mr. Nguyen. 

Learn more about what is involved in selling a property by reading our Seller Tips, must reading for anyone who is getting ready to sell a home, house, land or condo.

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Must reading for anyone buying a property

Did you know that the lead person on many real estate transactions in Edmonton is a conveyancer, not a real estate lawyer?  It's true.  In many Edmonton law firms, the lawyer has little or no involvement until signing.

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