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Don't hire a lawyer to handle the selling or buying of a business until you have seen what Der Nguyen offers:

  • A commitment to identifying and addressing legal and business issues and the commitment to ensuring you receive the most favorable terms whether you are buying or selling a business.
  • Legal advice on the relative merits of buying shares or assets.
  • Full support through every stage of the transaction:
    • Negotiation
    • Legal searches
    • Drafting of contracts, including purchase or sale agreements
    • Review of existing legal obligations, such as building leases and Franchise Agreements
    • Consideration of employee obligations
  • Direct contact with an experienced commercial lawyer, backed by an equally capable legal team.
  • More communication -- and accessibility -- at every stage of the transaction.

Why settle for less?  Contact us today to request your free introductory consultation with a lawyer at Der Nguyen.  

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Business person deciding whether to buy or sell a business, a regular client of Der Nguyen, a corporate law firm in Edmonton dedicated to helping clients get the best terms for the sale or purchase of a business.


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