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Four ways the Edmonton law firm Der Nguyen can help you

Illustration of home for sale, one of many real estate transactions handled by the lawyers of Der Nguyen, an Edmonton law firm that also handles Wills Estates planning and the sale or purchase of a business.

Buying a home

Engaging the legal services of Der Nguyen means the lead person on your file is a real estate lawyer backed by a legal support team. It makes a difference in four important ways: increased access to your lawyer; timely completion of closing documents; proactive resolution of issues that are often missed; increased communication with the client, realtor and lender. "Closing late is unacceptable to me," says Richard Der a founding partner of Der Nguyen. "I take it personally."

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Illustration of house for sale sign with a sold sticker on the sign, a real estate transaction handled by the experienced real estate lawyers at Der Nguyen, an Edmonton law firm that also handles Wills and Estates and corporate legal services.

Selling a home

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your real estate transaction is being handled by a law firm that focuses on completing your closing on time. We also ensure that you have all necessary documentation, including real property reports and compliance and estoppel certificates, in time for closing. "It's all about ensuring that nothing comes up after the deal that can lead to litigation," explains Chau Nguyen, a founding partner of Der Nguyen.

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Illustration of home and house key, represented major assets considered in Wills and Estate planning by Der Nguyen, a trusted Edmonton law firm for a growing number of clients needing estate planning help.

Wills & Estates

Many of our real estate clients are so impressed with how we handle the purchase or sale of a property that they also ask for help with Wills & Estates planning, which could include the writing or updating of their Will.  It's also advisable to see us after a major life event or change in your business situation.   "The average person has a hard time seeing all the possible scenarios," says Richard Der. 

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Illustration of business buildings, a form of real estate handled by lawyers Richard Der and Chau Nguyen, who also offer Wills and Estates and corporate legal services.

Buying or selling a business

Choosing Der Nguyen to handle the sale or purchase of a business means your transaction will move forward on schedule because the common sources of problems -- landlord and lease issues -- were fully addressed.    "It's not just about the buyer and seller.  You have to make sure the landlord is on board with the business transfer," says Richard Der.  "Otherwise, everyone is panicking at the last moment."

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